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MoGio'VA Survey Results 2017

MoGio'VA Survey Results

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Last month I surveyed a selection of clients and contacts about their experiences with Virtual Assistants (VAs).

I wanted to find out how business support professionals, such as VAs, could help SMEs to create more time for themselves to run their business effectively. The results of the survey are now in and I thought you would like to see some of the findings;

What would you use a VA for? I asked participants if you could make any changes to your daily routine, what time-consuming tasks would you outsource. For this question, there was a high emphasis on administrative tasks such as data entry and copy typing.

The results tally with my popular services - social media management is one of my most requested services along with data entry and copy typing.

I will be using the results of this question to create some exciting new packages in the new year, so watch this space!

Would you use a Virtual Assistant? It was great to see that 50% of respondents said they had used a VA in the past, and 86% said that they would consider using a VA to outsource their tasks in the future. The majority (76%) said they would prefer to use a freelance VA over a franchised firm.

I’m happy that so many of you have either used a VA in the past or are considering using one in the future. These results match up with a question I get asked a lot at the free consultations I offer. Should I use a VA, or hire an employee? Of course, there are pros and cons to both options, and what you choose will depend on your business needs. If you’re unsure, this blog might help you decide 4-Important-Things-to-Consider-when-Hiring-Your-First-Employee

When asked for any reason why they wouldn’t use a VA, the three answers with the highest results were; not being sure what to delegate, concern about the cost, and the worry of trusting someone else with important data. Of lowest importance was value for money and needing someone to be in the office.

The decision to outsource some of your daily work tasks can be daunting. These are some of the biggest worries I hear from clients before they sign up. At MoGio VA, I offer a free consultation where we can discuss all of your concerns before starting any work. After evaluating your needs, plus answering any questions you may have, I will provide a plan of action for us to try out with an adjustment period, and then adjust the plans as necessary. You can also take a look at my testimonials - I pride myself on my cooperative working style and offering a high level of support to all of my clients.

How would you prefer to work with a VA? Finally, I asked when working with a VA, would a monthly retainer or working on an ad-hoc basis be preferred. 62% of respondents felt that their work would be better delegated on an ad-hoc basis, while 37% would prefer to have a monthly retainer in place for the work.

Again, this is something that is a personal choice. I have a mixture of long-standing clients at Mogio VA, with some clients choosing to work ad-hoc, and some choosing retainers. From my experience, it is good to start off with a one-off project to see how we can work together before developing a working relationship that works for both of us.

Thank you once again for all those that participated in the survey. Do you agree with the findings? Let me know at

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