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Invest in your MoGio

Let’s start with the bit you’re all probably going to scroll to anyway.

How much investment is going to save you time, money, and resources long term?

It depends on what you need so choose between these four options:

Get started with 10 hours

When you’re ready to delegate but you’re still finding your way, I’m here to help you get started.

10 Hours per month


Grow faster with 20 hours

When business is good but you need space to fly, I’ll support you to grow faster.

20 Hours per month


Scale up with 30 hours

When you’re ready to jump to the next level and you need in-depth support, I’m ready to help you scale up.

30 Hours per month


Stay ahead with 40 hours

When you’re already flying and you’ve got a lot to deal with, I’ll make sure you have the tools to stay ahead.

40 Hours per month


How long do you need MoGio for?

This golden question is almost as difficult to answer as “how long is a piece of string?” It depends on what you need.


A small number of bookkeeping transactions, some bank reconciliations, basic admin, and raising a few purchase orders? For most business, that can be done with “Get Started”.

The best way to find out how long you need me for is to arrange a call. It’s completely free and there’s no obligation to commit.

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MoGio pattern WHITE_4x.png
What do you need MoGio for?

The string is about the length of a ball of thread.


Actually, this one isn’t as hard to answer. I provide a tailored service that involves bookkeeping and related admin tasks. Many customers need support with tasks on the list below but just ask if you can’t see your solution.

Xero in on growing your business. I manage your accounts with Xero or similar software so you can work on business growth.

Stay at the top by streamlining business practices and taking advantage of the suggestions I offer with my bookkeeping knowledge.

Focus on your priorities. Processing purchase orders, sales invoices, bills, and expenses takes time. Let me tally them for you.

Avoid overdraft fees, fraudulent charges and incorrectly recorded transactions with reconciled bank accounts and credit card statements.

Be prepared for anything with regularly updated financial reports. Profit and loss, balance sheets, cash flow, and aging balances keep you and your business balanced.

Get your time back and keep it lean. Emails and appointments can drag you down unless you get me to manage them for you.

Know where you stand. I’ll gather the information you need to complete tasks and identify potential challenges as your main point of contact for external stakeholders.

Keep up with the times. When you work with me, everything is collated digitally. Email documents, snap pictures, or drag and drop them into a shared folder.

MoGio pattern WHITE_4x.png
Make the most out of MoGio

Listed above, you see just a fraction of how I can support you.


From maintaining cash flow forecasts

To completing specific project tasks

From sorting discrepancies fast

To creating processes that last

From ensuring bills are paid on time

To giving attention to details fine

From connections aging like great wine

To working like your business is mine


Find out how I can help you make the best of the business you love.

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