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Your MoGio

Ever feel like the world’s baring down on you with bookkeeping tasks that you know matter, but were never the reason you got into business?
Does it mess with your MoGio (Mojo)?
I’m here to help you get it back.

Monica Rossi - MoGio VA
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What does MoGio mean?

Your MoGio is your time to think, your freedom to do what you’re good at and your space to focus on the things that matter to you. Create solutions, spend time with family, innovate. Be what you want to be. Leave the bookkeeping and admin to me.

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Bookkeeping Matters

I collate financial information so it’s easier to manage.

You spend the spare time creating a new product or service.

I issue an invoice to your customer for a project you’ve completed. Hooray!

You decide whether to spend the money on marketing, sales, or a team bonus.

I help you track performance by producing profit and loss, balance sheets, and cash flow reports.

You put your feet up and relax.

I look after your bookkeeping.

You decide how to make the most of your extra time and energy.

Your time and energy matter.

That’s why bookkeeping matters.

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How do I help?

Bookkeepers provide a wide range of services and your needs are unique. You can rely on me, even when some tasks don’t technically count as bookkeeping.

Managing your diary is just as important as keeping your books in order. Finding suppliers who offer the best prices, fastest lead times, and optimal customer service matters just as much as collating your expenses. If I say I’ll complete a task, I’ll always find a way.


When we start working together, your business becomes my business. I’m adaptable, flexible, and invested in your success.

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The Little Things

The little things make a big difference, which is why I pay so much attention to them. Let’s explore:


I’m always learning and improving my expertise. I’m Xero certified and experienced with other accounting software such as QuickBooks.


My pricing is clear.

There are four options from "Get Started" to "Stay Ahead", ready to meet your business needs.


Your satisfaction is worth my investment, which is why I’m an AAT Licensed Member Bookkeeper.


Your information is extremely sensitive and peace of mind is important. I’m ICO registered, I provide a data processing agreement, and I’m registered for AML (Anti Money Laundering). Your data will always be treated with care.

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Want to know more?

There’s nothing like meeting someone to really discover who they are and whether they’re right for your business. I’m happy to get on a discovery call and to explore how we can work together. No fee, no pressure, no obligation.


I’m here to support you, even if that means suggesting a different solution for your business, so say hello.

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