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Virtual Bookkeeping | Dedicated Business Support | Administrative Service| Bilingual | Remote | UK


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MoGio Virtual Bookkeeping and Admin

Ciao. I’m Monica Rossi. Your secret weapon:

My Business Support services can change your business and your life .

Hiring MoGio (pronounced 'Mojo ') is a game-changer to help you tame your to-do list and give you back hours in your day.


I can relieve the burden of finance admin by taking care of your bookkeeping for you, and I can also help you
with a myriad of other admin services and project work.

It’s like a real administrative assistant, only someone who works remotely.

Let's Reduce Your Workload!

Originally from Italy, I’ve been living and working in the UK for more than 20 years, so if you do need any bilingual services, I can help with that too.

I am highly organised, reliable and resourceful. I also have a positive outlook, a strong work ethic and a meticulous eye for detail. As a Business Support service, I am flexible, incur no overheads, and can support your business from any location - the perfect solution some might say!

No paid holiday; No paid breaks; No sick pay; No Tax / National Insurance; No Hassle. Just the perfect arrangement.



You’re in exactly the right place if you tick one the following boxes. 

You’re an entrepreneur who needs extra help to get your business off the ground.

You’re a startup or small business that doesn’t have a budget for a full-time assistant.

You’re a consultant or supplier of professional services and you’re using more than 20% of your time with administrative stuff?

You’re a small to medium company looking to effectively replace an administrative layer with a flexible working solution.

You’re just about bearing the bookkeeping brunt out of necessity and would rather be doing literally anything else.

Whatever your situation, you don’t have to lose any of your time that you could be saving for your next big idea.

Virtual BookkeepBookkeeping Support | Administrative Service| Bilingual| Virtual | UK


Whether you’re an obsessive paper list-maker (known around the office and home for those elaborate system of Post-It notes) or a mental acrobat who doesn’t like to delegate, you will BENEFIT from MoGio's services.

The ability to start crossing some of these items off of your lists, one bold stroke of a pen at a time, will give you untold joy.

Managing your expenses and business accounts; starting a Google calendar to manage speaking engagements; sourcing those images for your social media; booking those tickets etc.

All done, done, done….

Dubious you will be able to create enough work to fill my time? Try me out on a few tasks first. And should the task list double overnight; or you choose to wade in a little more deeply, don’t worry, simply upgrade to another package or just bolt-on a few jobs and pay-as-you-go.


It’s easy and affordable.

Here are my most popular services: 

Admin | MoGio Services | Administrative Services | MoGio



MoGio Services | Project Services | Tailored Services



MoGio Services | Finance Services | Finance Management | MoGio


Rates | Online Booking | Packages | MoGio




If you can’t see what your are looking for or need a custom package, call me to talk about the ways we can work together, and we are off.

T: 07712 585 299 | 01273 931 555



You have confidence in my ability to help organise your life and business.

Read what other people say about working with me. 

Monica has been handling various admin tasks and all of our social media for some time now, and she has been absolutely faultless. Conscientious, diligent, self-motivating and effective - I have no hesitation in recommending her as a Virtual Assistant and in real terms she has been so much more to us. She makes useful recommendations that cover a much broader scope than we initially thought we could give to an outside source to manage, and she turns good ideas in to workable plans that she then executes without fuss. I am very glad to have her as part of our virtual team.

S. Mackley

Hopegar properties Ltd (Mackley Industrial Estate)

Monica is always super-efficient, professional and a pleasure to work with. Her administration skills are second to none and she has good working knowledge of many software and packages including Xero, which is a great bonus as it gives me more time to spend focusing on my business. She works quickly and accurately and delivers exactly what is asked of her and it seems that no task is a problem for Monica!
I would have no hesitation to recommend her services to other small business owners who need a professional and reliable VA


Owner at "Wave Scientific"

I recently asked Monica if she would help me with some international research as I was looking to apply for a dual British/Italian passport. 
Being a native Italian speaker and a top-class administrator, Monica was my first choice and with a background in finance, I knew she also had a keen eye for detail which was going to be vital for this task. 
Monica left no stone unturned and went over and above board to locate the correct information from the right people for me. She was quick, communicated clearly and regularly and was both incredibly professional yet personable throughout. 
Liaising with the Italian authorities is difficult at the best of times, and I definitely would not have obtained the information that Monica did by myself in the same time-frame. Retaining Monica saved me a hell of a lot of time and stress. 
I wouldn't hesitate to hire Monica again and can wholeheartedly recommend her services to any business owner looking for a reliable, efficient and professional Virtual Assistant. 


Owner at "The VA Handbook"

I've worked alongside Monica at Trend from 2000 to 2002 . In all that time she demonstrated not only mastery of her core role but also the ability to take on new projects that were both difficult and critical to the company's growth. She is very passionate and has a great vision for her work. Hence the commitment and determination to establishing her new venture with MoGioVA. Monica's focus keeps everything moving smoothly, she makes sure all the deadlines are met and makes sure that whatever project she is working on meets the highest standards. Monica is an invaluable contributor to many of our projects at Lodge-me and would not hesitate to highly recommend her!

E Casanova

Owner at "lodge-me" Accommodation Agency

Monica combines determination, professionalism and a positive attitude in every task she undertakes!

Marita Horcajo

BDM at "HSBC", Spain

Monica supervised a team of 5 staff in my team. She developed and delivered an excellent new-starter induction package, and worked closely with me to ensure that operational standards were very high. Monica also helped support the team during a period of planned outsourcing, providing them with the help and reassurance they needed during a team of considerable uncertainty. I would strongly recommend Monica to any potential employer!

Catherine Noakes

Contract Manufacturing Lead at "Kimberly-Clark", UK

Monica is a hard working intelligent focused individual. She has great communication and organisational skills. She was a great success with internal and external customers which amounted to her gaining much success and respect in her workplace.

Yasmeen Sharif

CEO and founder at "Love Yasmeen"

Monica was a real pleasure to work with, she always has a positive attitude, works well in a team environment and is always open to new ideas. I found Monica to be personable and approachable. Great attention to details and a real get-up and go attitude makes Monica a great addition to any company.

Nico Kearns

Systems Analyst at "Eurovia"

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Virtual Bookkeeping | Dedicated Business Support | Administrative Service| Bilingual | Remote | UK


I am quick, easygoing, friendly, and a wizard with so many business critical, useful tasks. I’m also fun to work with!


Originally from Italy, I have lived in the UK for the past 20 years and have held a variety of diverse and challenging positions within well-regarded, award-winning, global organisations.


These roles have included: Sales Support, AP supervisor, Credit Analyst, Mortgage Advisor, International Commercial Credit Controller, Operation Support Administrator, and more recently EA/Accounts Assistant and Director of Faz Air Ltd (trading also as MoGio) .


With experience spanning office management, administration, project support, finance and account management, customer and client support, translation, HR and payroll, I am fully qualified to help support your business needs.


I am highly organised, reliable and resourceful. I also have a positive outlook, a strong work ethic and a meticulous eye for detail. As a Business Support service, I am flexible, incur no overheads, and can support your business from any location - the perfect solution some might say!

Virtual Bookkeeping | Dedicated Business Support | Administrative Service| Bilingual | Remote | UK


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