February 11, 2019

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For Love or Money

February 11, 2019

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What I’ve Learned From My First Year As A Freelance Virtual Assistant

March 1, 2017

This February marked exactly one year since I started MoGio'VA. Twelve whole months since I made the decision to take the plunge and become a freelance virtual assistant. It’s been an interesting journey so far, with as many downs as ups but I love everything about my business and, with lots of exciting things planned for 2017, I am looking forward to what the future will bring.


So, as Mogio’VA celebrates its 1st birthday, I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog post on the things I have learned in my first year of business. Hopefully it will give you a little insight in to the world of MoGio’VA and who knows, if you are just starting out on your freelance journey, it might give you some inspiration.





There is no such thing as a 9-5, and I love it!

For the first few months of MoGio’VA, I found myself replicating the 9-5 office environment, taking half an hour for lunch and then getting straight back to it. This worked for the short term, but the nature of being a virtual assistant means that clients will often call late in the day with a job that is required for the next day. There were also days where, if I wasn’t at my desk working, I was at a networking event or meeting with a client to discuss a new project. When this happened, I would find myself working in the evening to ‘make up’ the hours.


Now I have embraced the freelance way of life and am much more flexible in my working hours. I set myself a schedule that works around my client’s needs each week and stick to it. There may be days when I work 8+ hour days if several deadlines come in at once but there will also be days when I can finish early, pick my daughter up from school or catch up with a friend. My clients know I will get their projects finished on time and I know that I can choose the best hours for me to complete the work.


Lesson learnt: Rethink your working hours and be flexible


I do not know everything

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