Do you know any busy people that would benefit from the services of MoGio? We operate a referral scheme for anyone referring new business, whereby for each successful referral that signs up for a minimum of 5 hours virtual support services, the referee receives a £20 Amazon voucher.


How does the MoGio referral scheme work?


Anyone can now earn a £20 Amazon voucher for every new client they refer to MoGio – you do not need to be an existing client. There is no limit to the number of people that can be referred by one person, however, referred clients must be completely new to MoGio.


Voucher rewards are payable after the referred client has completed the 5 hours with MoGio, and the

voucher will be sent to the referee once the first invoice has been paid in full by the client referred.

To view the terms and conditions of the referral scheme, click here

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